YouTuber Jaclyn Hill Returns Hateful Comments With No Makeup Photo

Jaclyn Hill responds to those who have something negative to say about their appearance.

The entrepreneur took him Instagram on May 12 to fight back the hateful comments by posting a makeup-free selfie, which was side-by-side with a photo of the star wearing makeup.

She captioned the post: “It’s me. There is no filter on either of these photos. Taken 2 hours apart.”

In her Instagram story, the star also apologized for not being able to provide her usual amount of content due to the negativity she received from some on social media. “Sorry for my absence here,” she wrote. “I’m going through it right now. I filmed a video about it today. It was super personal and I hope it’s well received. It will be in place in the next few days. “

These posts are a direct response to the negative comments that were under a Instagram post that Ulta Beauty uploaded the star on May 10. The company has just launched its new Poutspoken Lipsticks & Liquid Lip Pencils by Jaclyn Cosmetics, and in the short clip, Jaclyn is seen modeling various shades and colors.

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“So Ulta posted a video of me that I filmed 2 weeks ago and the comments are incredibly mean,” the makeup artist recently said on his Instagram story, according to People. “I’m not here looking for pity or sympathy, but just to be honest with you … I’m human and most of the time I go on and I don’t care. But today I am. meaning defeated. Words hurt people. And I’m proud to never speak of people like other people. “

Jaclyn Hill on Instagram

The comments section under the Instagram post has since evolved into an area of ​​overwhelming love and positivity from fans championing the makeup guru.

This isn’t the first time Jaclyn has addressed her social media critics head-on. Back in February 2020, the Youtuber uploaded a candid video to explain how she really felt reading hurtful comments.

“I just have to say right away, I see the tweets and comments all the time,” she explained. “And if we’re totally transparent and honest with each other, yeah, filming gives me a lot of anxiety now because I know every thing I do, people are literally going to go with a fine comb and a microscope and shell everything. “

As Jaclyn mentioned in her Instagram story, the makeup mogul plans to tackle more of the negative comments posted on her channel soon.

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