Youtuber causing noise nuisance says he’s here to stay

PLEASE cut off the noise. That’s the message the people of Stratford are sending to a YouTube star who, since moving to the city, has plagued her neighbors with excessive noise from cars and motorcycles.

Ryan Taylor. Photo: Mark Williamson L55 / 11/21/8363 (53302595)

Ryan Taylor, a 29-year-old professional BMXer, YouTube star and businessman from Walsall, moved to Church Farm on Seven Meadows Road this summer.

Since then, residents have claimed to have been subjected to the noise of running engines from vehicles traveling on land adjacent to Ryan’s house.

Images are uploaded to YouTube, where Ryan has more than two million subscribers, showing vehicles driving on a dirt road, day and night, as well as pranks and Ryan giving away cars.

Other footage also shows Ryan cranking the engine of a Nissan GTR in Stratford High Street and Union Street, explaining to viewers that the exhaust is so loud it could puncture their eardrums. When people complain about noise, including a parent with a child, he tells them it’s not his car.

The people of the old town want the noise and disturbance to stop.

A resident, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “The noise started around June.

“Obviously everyone works from home and you can sit inside with the windows closed and still hear the noise. I can hear it and I live a bit far from the place.

“We have a fairly nice local community and you generally feel safe and enjoy your garden and the surroundings in peace. He obviously has no respect for anything.

“You have the right to enjoy your property in peace and he certainly does not allow it to anyone. It’s disgusting. He is allowed to terrorize the community and then document it, doing nothing. “

Another old town resident said: “It’s not like it’s a faint noise, it really echoes throughout the property. You cannot ignore it. He was away a few weeks ago and it was lovely and quiet, but you knew when he was back because you could hear the cars.

“You can’t escape it inside, and of course if you’re outside it’s ten times worse. It’s just constant background noise. It’s very frustrating, it makes you nervous, and you basically can’t relax.

“He just has no limits.”

Stratford District Council said it had received a number of complaints about noise as well as antisocial conduct at an address on Seven Meadows Road. A spokesperson said the council “was working with partner agencies to resolve this issue.”

Cllr Jenny Fradgley (Lib Dem, Guildhall) sent a letter to residents explaining that a community protection warning letter was sent to the property on October 28, demanding that the land be used only by agricultural vehicles.

However, the letter added: “Since we have no confidence that this will be respected, we have had meetings with our ASB (anti-social behavior) team, planners and the police as these activities concern us all.

“It is likely that we will send a community protection notice in the near future as complaints continue to be received. “

Residents who experience noise issues are asked to keep records detailing the times, duration and impact of the disturbance.

Cllr Fradgley said: “I have had six or seven residents who have regularly contacted me by phone and email about this. They live in Old Town and New Street, but I’ve also had people stop me on the street and ask me “what is this noise?” One resident said it’s not just the day. It happened at 3 a.m. and lasted 20 to 25 minutes on one occasion.

Ryan Taylor said he has no plans to change his ways.

The YouTube star spoke to The Herald yesterday, Wednesday (November 24), after we raised concerns from residents about noisy cars and motorcycles on his grounds off Seven Meadows Road, Stratford.

The inhabitants of the old city want him to stop and allow them to enjoy their home in peace, but he does not repent.

“I’ll take the cars out when I want to,” he said. “I’m going to do it anyway. It’s fun and it’s on my property, which I have worked hard for, and have owned the property since January. Older people don’t like noise, but they don’t relate to what we do, especially if you’re young and successful, but have been young once too.

Part of the problem, according to Ryan, is the generation gap.

On more than one occasion he has spoken of being part of a new generation and described older people as being “concerned and confused” by noise, but he says he is just having fun with his YouTube subscribers and that’s all.

Ryan also says he takes seriously the work he does to help young people involved in violence. He has worked in disadvantaged neighborhoods and he is keen to get the message of knife crime across. He said: “There are children who walk around with knives and I want to help them on a new path. We want them to stop. You don’t learn skills in school like filling out bills or the dangers of knife crime or something like that, so we can help them by inspiring them, ”he said.

The former BMX champion added that he is now different from what he was in his youth, describing himself as a “responsible and sane adult”.

“I’m here to make a difference, make people smile, have fun and help the new generation be positive, what else do they have? Ryan said.

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