You can now thank your favorite YouTubers

When a simple “thank you” isn’t enough, you can now show your support in a huge way.

YouTube Super Thank You

YouTube has experimented with many different ways to help creators make money on its platform, and now the entertainment giant is offering one more. You can now send your favorite content creators a “super thank you” to show your appreciation.

What’s a great YouTube thank you?

YouTube announced its new feature on its official blog. The new Super Thanks feature aims to fill a void left in YouTube’s current monetary plans.

Previously, if someone wanted to earn donations from fans, they could earn them in one of three ways. The first was to encourage people to “join” the channel, which is a bit different from subscribing. While the subscription is free and lets you know when new downloads are coming, joining a channel costs $ 4.99 per month and unlocks member benefits.

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Then there are the awesome cats and the awesome stickers. Super chats allowed someone to message during a live broadcast with a little extra color and pin their comment to the top of the chat room. Each pay bracket has its own unique color, and the more you pay, the higher your message stays.

Super Stickers work the same as Super Cats, but instead of writing a message, you choose from one of the many animated emotes to represent how you feel.

These are all fantastic ways for people to make money with YouTube, but there is a catch. All of them only really work when someone is streaming content on YouTube, and people who upload videos don’t really get any of them except for subscriptions.

This is where the new super thanks feature comes in. It works very similar to super chats, but it targets more video downloads than live streams. If someone posts a video that you like, you can choose one of four pay brackets, ranging from $ 2 to $ 50.

When you send the thanks, you see a special animation to celebrate your donation. You can also post a message that says “Thank you! In the comments, colored according to the amount you spent. The creator can then answer you as he can to any comment.

The Super Thank You feature is currently in beta and available to select creators. Therefore, if you don’t see the option appear on your favorite video, wait for YouTube to roll out this feature to more people.

Many thanks to YouTube for the super thanks

YouTube wants to help creators make money on its platform, but so far only live streamers have really benefited from the monetization options. Video downloaders will appreciate the new super thank you option to earn money from fans.

Of course, donations from fans aren’t the only way YouTube creators make money. Avenues like advertising also help people make a living by creating content.

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