Wrestling News: Bobby Lashley Praises New Day, Melina Talks Deonna Purrazzo, Bianca Belair Blog

Here’s your battle size update for Friday August 20, 2021:

Speak with Sports Illustrated, Bobby Lashley congratulated the three members of The New Day while discussing his recent program with Kofi Kingston.

Wrestling World Responds to Becky Lynch’s Return to WWE SummerSlam

“100% meant a lot to me,” Lashley says. “Sharing the ring with Kofi in this setting was an honor. And I have to say this: The New Day is amazing. Kofi, Xavier Woods, Big E, they’re going to have jobs like the best guys ever. Me and Big E barely touched. He’s not as strong as me, but it’s something that might be special later on. “

Speaking with WrestleZone, Melina discussed her current program with Deonna Purrazzo.

“I don’t take offense easily, I don’t mind, and I think because of that I needed it to be personal. I needed to be able to put everything I had to move forward because I need more fire. Before, I could go ahead and start fighting because I know it’s in my heart to do my best because I want to, ”she explained. “It was personal for me before because of my age and sometimes I feel like people don’t respect the things I’ve done in the past because it’s hard work to be the first , to trace the tracks. I know people before me, they didn’t get the respect they deserved, and when I spoke to them I realized I was going through the same thing as them, but they deserved more credit than me.

“In my heart I know I have to give my all because of them, as well as myself, my friends and my family, but then oh, Deonna is just giving a little more and I’m like, ‘You know what? I needed this. I need you to give me more so that I can bring the pain. Before it was just about winning, but now it’s more personal.

– Bianca Belair a Blog on the see talk about what her reign at the SmackDown Women’s Championship means to her.

Seeing my name as a WWE Superstar and SmackDown Women’s Champion on the same list of other ESPY winners like Serena Williams, Naomi Osaka, Candace Parker, Simone Biles and others is an honor that I will always cherish. We continue to do Herstory, and people want and support it, but there is still work to be done.

So while I am grateful for the success I have had, I continue to seek inspiration wherever I can find it to be the best version of myself. My mom is my greatest role model and the wisest woman I know who instilled in me how to stay mentally in the game. My dad is one of the most successful men I know who instilled in me courage and the attitude is not joking with me. Being lucky enough to have two amazing parents has given me stability, love, encouragement and confidence. My husband is a constant source of support and love. He taught me to give myself permission to live for myself! Outside of my family, I admire women like Regina King, Viola Davis, Issa Rae, Michelle Obama, Beyoncé, and Angela Davis. They are all unabashedly who they are and use their talents to their fullest potential. Nothing is impossible for them. There are so many inspirations – both female and male – that we should all admire and emulate.

With these amazing role models in mind, I say to young girls who want to be WWE Superstars, or who aspire to any dream: don’t be afraid to give it a try. Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself. JOB. Stay true to yourself. Be without apologizing. Be unique. The greatest gift you can give someone is yourself. Because there is only ONE YOU! It’s your superpower!

– Talk with The Battleground Podcast, Matt Riddle explained why he thinks people don’t like him at first, but open up as they get to know him.

“I mean, I don’t know if we buried the hatchet. But I think like other people, just like Mr. Rollins and other people who maybe weren’t a fan of me, and they still might not be a fan of me. It’s completely cool, fair enough. But I think they also respect my bustle and respect my work ethic and respect my passion for what we do and they know I care a lot and that’s why I have you know, that’s why I do the things that I do and say the things that I do and everything else and when I talk to these people that I think they understand, I think a lot of times, you know, people forget and people take things personally. But we’re in a business where we have to sell tickets, aren’t we? I like to sell tickets. I like to be precious. Yeah, you know, so that’s what I do. I’ve ruffled a few feathers along the way but I think they’re all starting to understand why.

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– Pro Wrestling Tees announced a new event for September 2 in conjunction with AEW.

– EJ Nduka spoke to the official website about MLW about his 12 eliminations in the recent Riot Battle Royal:

“The online feedback has been incredible. It was nothing but support, ”he said before speaking to the live crowd at 2300 Arena in Philadelphia. “It was just really listening and excited because I gave it my all and like I said when I go there I don’t give 100%, I give 150% and I am glad people who came to watch i felt that because this is what i gave and i will keep doing it i am here to improve i am here to learn and you know sky is the limit.

“I’ve been an athlete my whole life and one of the things that has helped me get this far is being able to assess myself, to look at myself on the other side of the spectrum,” he said. he declares. “No matter what your profession, when you stop learning you stop growing and I realized it wasn’t me. EJ wanted to make sure that he rejected any negative connotations of the term “learning.”

“I will continue to learn until the day I die,” he said. “So just because you say you’re learning you’re new, you’re a beginner, that you’re green doesn’t mean you’re hungry. You are always learning, no matter what.

“It’s always, always imperative to keep learning and giving your best, because those are the two things you can control: your effort and what you want to learn.”

– Booker T talks to Sammy Guevara

Speaking to Chris Mueller of Bleacher Report, Malakai Black detailed his wrestling inspirations:

“Hayabusa was definitely one of the [my favorites], ” Black said. “I’ve always been infatuated with his set of moves and his unique look. He had a Japanese luchador look, but he did it differently. He just had a way to make it his own. high flying and martial arts based and that’s a lot of what I do.

“Another would be Yuji Nagata. I was a big fan of New Japan growing up. I didn’t grow up watching WWF back then because it wasn’t accessible to me in the Netherlands. Eurosport has had New Japan and that’s where I got to know guys like [Jushin] Liger and Nagata. “

– Check out Allie’s latest vlog:

– Speaking to Sports Business Radio, Stephanie McMahon spoke about Triple H behind the scenes and how he loves being a father.

“He is the most wonderful of Fathers, I am so blessed in so many ways and he is one of them. You know when they were growing up he would play dolls with them and make characters that were just, you know, awesome. He is quite creative himself. This Bartholomew was one of them. He’s the coolest cat ever. He was always cooler than anything, any of the other dolls, and just outrageously funny, full of daddy jokes. He likes to go to their sports, he likes to be involved. He’s, you know, he’s just a practical dad who really loves his kids, you know, and my husband and I were so lucky because both of our parents are still together and we were really raised with the same value system. I think you know, the key to any real successful partnering relationship, you know, professional or personal, because these are shared values, and I’m really lucky we got together.

(If you use any of the quotes above, be sure to credit Fightful for the transcript by referring to this article.)

– Today WWE shares were trading at $ 48.50 per share.

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