TikTok reveals what athletes really eat at the 2021 Olympics

A question that naturally arises in the era of the coronavirus is how the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee feeds the international horde of athletes confined within the Olympic Village? The challenge is similar to the one restaurants have faced for the past 16 months.

A report of KTVE, the information station serving South Arkansas, says athletes have been given a playbook that encourages them to keep meals under 10 minutes, and for those with more flexible schedules to work out to eat at less busy hours. In terms of actual requirements, attendees should sanitize wherever they eat, either dining alone or observing social distancing, and trying to stay away from Japanese residential workers. Each dining area also sports plexiglass dividers to minimize contact.

A more important restriction is indicated in the South China Morning Post, which is why the spectator ban for these Olympics is further hurting the ailing restaurant industry in the city. “Before the pandemic, 80 to 90% of our guests came from abroad,” said Yoshihiro Narisawa, of Narisawa, two Michelin stars. Yet these are necessary and it is a reminder that the world has not returned to the pre-pandemic era.

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