The best Korean coffee vloggers on YouTube

Besides binge-watching K-dramas on streaming services, I always go to YouTube whenever I want to relax after a long day at work. This platform has a variety of content that I am totally obsessed with, such as K-pop music videos and clips from life in South Korea. And if I want something even more relaxing, I visit the YouTube channels of my favorite Korean coffee vloggers.

These YouTubers either work in their own cafes or in other cafes. They show off their day as baristas and how they serve drinks and desserts, from baking cakes to making take out orders. I swear, their videos are so satisfying (and addicting) that I didn’t notice I had already spent 2.5 hours watching them! I’ve also added their cafes to my list of must-see places in South Korea and once you’ve watched their vlogs I bet you will too.

Here are five Korean cafe vloggers you should subscribe to on YouTube:

1. Zoe

Zoe works at Cafe Bless Roll, a franchise cafe in Pyeongtaek owned by his mother. In her vlogs, you’ll see her not only making blueberry lattes, but also delivering 50,000 P of cakes to a client! What I love to see in Zoe’s videos are the cute and delicious rolls, rainbow cakes, and ice cream that their cafe is famous for. Subtitles are fun and relevant too! She also downloads other content like home cooking vlogs, so there is always something new to look forward to on his channel.

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2.Cafeslave June

I watched Jun’s vlogs since 2019 and I saw how he was able to develop his business, goodsimplecafe, in a very lively one. He bakes from scratch, prepares the coffee, manages the payments, cleans the coffee, phew, what a busy day! Jun’s Cafe has its beloved menu mainstays, but it also offers new ~ experiences ~, which sometimes depend on the season and the availability of ingredients.

3. Nebokgom

A look at Nebokgom‘s vlogs and you will find yourself totally * immersed * in the mouth-watering baked goods that seem to come straight out of a baking cookbook! I want to say, original Halloween desserts and succulent sweet potato bread that looks like … a real sweet potato? I’m in! Subscribe to this YouTube channel if you’re into the aesthetic stuff or planning on channeling your inner baking queen in the kitchen.

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Believe me when i say that LATTE PAPACoffee vlogs have a certain appeal– as if you can smell freshly ground coffee even if you are only looking from your screen. It may be the distinct video editing style, the waffles that will make your mouth water, the warm atmosphere of the clips, or all of the above. You will also see a cute pet dog in vlogs, so go ahead and click that notification bell to brighten up your day!


Vibrant and colorful drinks, are you interested? toyoThe vlogs of s cafe will put you in the heart of your eyes as she prepares drinks and desserts in detail! It add leaves as a garnish in fruit drinks for that ~ fancy ~ touch and bake cookies with * super * cute patterns. His YouTube channel advarious content for your enjoyment, and contains videos of his old workplace and his new job at the cafe.


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