Technical Guruji: digital vs analog

If you love the old school watch business but can’t help but wonder about the Apple Watch, here’s what our experts suggest you consider before you buy.

By Gaurav Chaudhary

POSTED JUL 18, 2021 9:38 IST

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I’ve heard great reviews of the Apple Watch, but I don’t like these digital watches very much. I’m more of the analog type. I have the iPhone Pro Max 12 so I’m in the ecosystem but do you think it’s worth it?

—Aditya M, by e-mail

If you have the iPhone 12 Pro Max, and if you are in the Apple ecosystem, then the Apple Watch is definitely worth it! Once you start using it you will realize the kind of potential it has and it will be a great device that you can enjoy in terms of seamless connectivity or as a complement to other Apple gadgets. It may seem expensive compared to other smartwatches. But it does help you in terms of the health benefits that the smartphone isn’t capable of, so it’s definitely the best smartwatch on the market that you can invest in.

Gaurav is the world’s largest tech vlogger on YouTube with over 21.4 million subscribers. His welcome “Namaskaar dosto… (Hello friends)” is as endearing as it is popular.

From Brunch HT, July 18, 2021

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