Piggy March on his absence from the Tokyo Olympics: “It was dark”

  • Piggy March a opened in a vlog to miss the Tokyo Olympics, after yesterday’s announcement that she and Brookfield Inocent, who is owned by John and Chloe Perry and Alison Swinburn, will not be traveling to Japan as British alternates.

    “It’s been a really, really tough month for me and for the team,” she said. “It’s been a tough year – last two really tough years with everything going on – and all the major ones [events] being canceled, but the still ongoing Olympics have obviously been everyone’s goal for the past four years, but last year in particular. And we were all really excited and that was a huge hype and that’s the only thing we focused on.

    “And we obviously got closer, but not close enough, because [I was] selected as number four, which has just been a very difficult position for my owners, my team in general, to understand and really think about what you want to do, what is best for your horse.

    Piggy said if she had been selected for the three-man squad, she and Brookfield Inocent would undoubtedly travel to Tokyo.

    “This has been a very difficult decision, all of this, for my owners over the past year – first and foremost, not being really excited for Tokyo, with everything going on in the world, the uncertainty, everything. remains but with everything else set aside for my owners they thought so they would be very happy to go with Brookfield Inocent if he was a horse that would be used to go there.

    “If we were selected from all three, we would, without a doubt, go and fight for your country and make this once in a lifetime dream come true, which we have all dreamed of all our lives as the competition we always want. do. “

    Piggy said she “definitely” wanted to go to the Olympics.

    “Even being in reserve and being part of a team, supporting your team… You never know what’s going on, you might have your chance,” she said, while stressing that she would not like not a late withdrawal from her teammates, having been in that position when she missed London 2012 due to a horse injury.

    Piggy went on to explain that Brookfield Innocent may not have been the right horse for the alternate position, with their most likely contribution being jumping over obstacles if something happened to a team member on the cross country. .

    “He’s a real three-day horse. He likes to be used, he always jumps so much better if he’s been busy before and has done XC… You could always jump for some medal and it’s not a position that suits him. And so, we decided not to take the place of the travel reserve, and to keep it for something that we can all enjoy and [where his owners can] go watch him.

    “It’s really difficult for me. It is just as difficult for my owners and I know they think for me they would like me to go there and they have said this on several occasions but they have also been very firm on their point. view not to go there. They can’t all come and watch. Their involvement with competition horses is the whole journey, being where their horses are going, going to watch them, supporting them.

    “We are lucky, hopefully, to still have a European Championship. My owners have never had a horse representing Great Britain or had a horse at this level. There’s really no way you can get a horse to travel to Tokyo – whether it’s running or not – to go through it all, be like this, and come home and prepare a month later, for a championship. ‘Europe. They just think it’s too much for him, it’s too fast, which I agree with. And so the decision is to save it and try somewhere else later in the year.

    “I am totally behind my owners”

    Piggy said she was “totally behind” her owners and understood the decision.

    “It’s a huge test for potentially a horse to go out there and do nothing – it’s such a shame that the whole format is going like this,” she said, wondering why the substitutes could not run individually.

    She added that John and Chloe Perry and Alison Swinburn are “brilliant owners”, who are “so supportive”.

    Piggy stressed that she does not criticize selection decisions and that her replacement, reigning world champions Ros Canter and Allstar B, is very strong – “in some ways I was lucky to be in front of her in the selection “.

    Piggy also apologized in the video to anyone she “cried or glared at”, explaining that the short time to find out she was the alternative was difficult.

    “In some ways that would be my only thing I wish was slightly different, it’s probably a little communication or a little more time just sorting an order or knowing, because it was so hard for me personally. to know so late that you’re number four, to be in Windsor right away the next day [performing the Olympic test as an exhibition], the press, the public.

    “I feel like a miserable cow half the time because so many people have come up to me and said, ‘Oh, congratulations, you must be so excited to go to the Olympics and we will watch you, I am rooted for you. ‘ It’s like, ‘Oh my God, I’m probably not even going and if I did, I’m on the sidelines.’ It was all so messy and so hard, to be honest, sincerely, to sit there and look back at people and say, “Thank you. “

    Piggy is also honest about how difficult it is for her to miss a game and her feeling of failure at not being selected for the team: “On a personal note, I cried a lot, I hit my head. against the wall. It’s been pretty dark, to be honest, because on a personal note as an athlete that’s all you want to do. You try everything you can do, and you feel somewhere along the lines, you let your horse down, or you did something at some point to fail.

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    Bookmark this page – we have worked based on the rulebook so that we can explain the substitution rules

    Piggy ended the vlog by talking about his son Max and his role in cheering him up and winning the racehorse recycling class in Barbury with Our Old Fella.

    “No matter what level you are at, whether you are at the highest level or at the lowest level, horses can bring us a great day, or a sense of accomplishment and with this little horse I felt that , how he came and how he played that day was a sense of accomplishment. It’s very easy at times when things are really going bad, you lose a little confidence. We all can.

    “When we have tough decisions to make, or when we don’t quite feel like we’ve performed well enough and it’s always those good little days or those good little times when you feel like you’ve done your best for a horse and you just get a little glimpse that was really cool. And it was a while.

    Piggy concluded, “Onward and up is life, it’s horses, ups and downs, grief, blood, sweat and tears and everything in between. Like I said, I hope I don’t have too many wrinkles, and I can keep the fire going for a few years, and keep going.

    “Thank you for everyone’s support, thank you for the people who gave us such good wishes and let’s go for the future.”

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