Logan Paul slammed YouTuber for ‘Suicide Forest’ joke

Although Logan Paul has been at the center of several controversies, probably none has been bigger than his “Suicide Forest” stunt in Japan. According to reports, the scandal in the Japanese forest of Aokigahara follows the YouTube star to this day.

The international debacle would come back to haunt Logan Paul once again at a private party on the weekend of June 7. Paul got a surprise visit from popular YouTubers Jeff Wittek, Corinna Kopf and David Dobrik and things did not go without incident.

According to Logan Paul, Wittek, Kopf and Dobrik were sitting on the set of his ‘impaulsive’ podcast during the party. This made Paul nervous about being the “ target of a vlogging joke ” by his contemporaries.

Logan Paul’s suspicions would be confirmed a week later. He claimed to have heard Dobrik and Wittek joke about his “Suicide Forest” scandal through his security cameras.

Addressing the issue in a later episode of his podcast, Logan Paul said:

“I have security cameras all over my house… I could hear what they were saying. They made a joke about “Suicide Forest.”… Jeff was filmed. Someone instagrammed it and he was like, laughing at me and my mistakes and controversies.

Challenging Wittek and Dobrik for a “ flagrant disrespect, ” Paul added:

“Jeff, what’s the fucking good brother?… So you texted me the next day saying you wanna go for a run… do you wanna box someday?” Please come on and we can handle this like fucking men, instead of coming over to my place, on my podcast, and talking shit. “

Logan Paul’s next fight has been postponed

The YouTuber-turned-boxing star has already made headlines after announcing a fight with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather. While Logan Paul initially announced the fight was scheduled for February 20, he suffered a setback.

After an enthusiastic public relations campaign at the start, the parties involved appear to be very distant at the negotiating table for the time being. Despite being a maligned clash, it will certainly be a treat to fight fans if the fight pays off.

Logan Paul has a professional fight under his belt which he lost by split decision to fellow YouTuber KSI.

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