Late YouTuber Etika Joins Smash Bros. Ultimate Fighters List Thanks To Mod

Fans of Smash Bros. can now indulge in a touching tribute to one of the game’s best-known YouTubers, thanks to a newly commissioned mod.

Nobody can pretend that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate LACK OF CHARACTERS: With over 70 fighters to choose from, there’s surely something for everyone now in Nintendo’s Speedy Brawler. However, even the toughest To break purist would likely allow the inclusion of another newly altered contestant, taking on the guise of one of the show’s biggest fans.

Desmond Amofah, better known to his fans on YouTube as Etika, was a content creator and Nintendo fan who made a name for himself covering and reacting to various announcements in the gaming and entertainment world. , including Nintendo Directs and Super Smash Bros. the fighter reveals. He committed suicide in 2019 and his community of hundreds of thousands of fans are still reeling from the effects of his sudden and tragic departure. Some of these fans decided to take it upon themselves to introduce Etika to the game he loved so much, and set to work on a mod for it.

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The end result, commissioned by fan JoyConJames and created by modders @ Demonslayerx8 and @ Supernova384, is impressive, and seeing Etika live Super Smash Bros. Ultimate hope it will be some kind of balm for his fans and loved ones. The Captain Falcon mod reskins with a custom character model created by YouTuber Epicwazy, with a selection of Etika’s voice clips that play while performing moves. JoyConJames originally planned the mod for his personal use, being such a fan of the missing YouTuber, but decided to release the mod to the public yesterday, which would have been Etika’s 31st birthday to celebrate the young man’s life.

This is not the first time that a person outside the To break-verse found its way into the game via mods. Indeed, this isn’t even the first time that a popular YouTuber has been added, with the hugely popular streamer Ninja added to the list last summer. But that particular story carries with it a powerful sense of community spirit, of people coming together to celebrate the life of another player, and a rare well of positivity in an otherwise heartbreaking story.

It is heartwarming to see the latent creativity of the Smash Bros. modding community being put towards such a healthy goal: to consider that other mods go in the direction of eliminating all Fire emblem content for, well, remove all content except for Fire emblem content, it is good to know that modders can also use their skills to bring some joy to a dark time.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available on Nintendo Switch.

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