Jeff Wittek responds to claims that he “treats” his near-fatal accident for money and …

May 13, 2021, 12:19

“I feel like Jeff Wittek is benefiting as well.”

Jeff Wittek responded to Josh Richards and Dave Portnoy by speculating that Jeff could “milk” his near-fatal accident for money and influence.

In 2020, Jeff suffered several life-threatening injuries after a stunt on a shovel controlled by YouTuber David Dobrik went horribly wrong. Jeff had to undergo several painful surgeries and doctors told him he was literally inches away from either being killed or losing his eye completely.

Although the accident happened last year, Jeff didn’t start revealing the truth about what happened until April 2021 in his “Don’t Try This At Home” documentary series. The YouTube series documents Jeff’s road to recovery and multiple eye surgeries. Jeff also confronted David (who took full responsibility for his part in the crash) and shared the uncensored graphic images and footage of the incident on Patreon, charging up to $ 20 for access to the horrible videos.

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Jeff Wittek responds to claims that he & squot;  s

Jeff Wittek responds to claims that he is “dealing” with his near-fatal accident.

Photo: Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images, Jeff Wittek via YouTube

Jeff is now accused of milking his near-fatal accident for “influence”. Last week Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards and Brianna LaPaglia discussed the crash on the BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards Podcast.

Dave read the story and was surprised to hear that David was still “beside herself doing shit” maybe because he has been silent ever since. all allegations against David and the Vlog Squad.

“It’s called the Vlog Squad now realizing that David is gone. They have nothing left to make money on and now he’s letting me go on this rampage where I’m going to go out with a documentary, go out. with all that shit and just like stacking the sights and making as much money as I can while I’m still on the weight. That’s what I think, ”Josh explained.

Brianna then added, “I feel like Jeff Wittek is also milking shit. It could have been a YouTube video.”

Josh admitted that he hadn’t watched Jeff’s documentary but he still didn’t seem convinced. He continued, “What I heard – I heard that five months ago when David, like, ‘quit his vlogging’ – his whole break from vlogging was because of this and not COVID, I hear. ” Brianna, who had watched Jeff’s documentary, replied, “They act like David did it all. Like, they allowed David, they did all these stunts for him.”

Dave, who didn’t know who Jeff was, then gave his opinion: “From a stranger Dobrik was huge, I don’t know who these other people are. They do shit with Dobrik so they get huge and do a alive. He puts you on an excavator, your face opens up, you have some views. You know the game. It’s no different than fucking Jackass […] Don’t complain when your face is ripped, you want to be influential, you want to be part of the Vlog Squad, you want the shine? You are thrown into an excavator. “

Watch the BFF podcast with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards here.

Dave later shared a snippet of the discussion on his TikTok account, and Jeff commented, “You are morons.” And Wednesday May 12 BFF episodeJosh revealed that he actually spoke to Jeff following his comments and, yes, it didn’t go well.

Apparently Jeff threatened Josh on the phone for “shitting on him on the pod” and said he didn’t want to “play” with him.

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