James Charles’ ex-employee explains why she quit working for YouTuber

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Beauty tycoon James charles is sued by a former employee, Kelly Rocklein, his former creative director, who alleges that the youtube star would make unreasonable demands (like asking her to shave him), firing her unfairly and not paying her for heavy overtime.

Speaking to Business Insider about the lawsuit, Rocklein said she was seeking compensation from Charles for unfair dismissal, discrimination on the basis of disability, failure to provide reasonable accommodation and failure to pay minimum wage for overtime. worked.

Rocklein alleges that although she asked for a six-figure salary with benefits, she was offered no benefits and $ 5,000 per month ($ 60,000 per year), with the possibility of receiving a bonus if she was proving itself. “[They said] “We’re not going to give you any benefits, but if you work really hard, we’ll give you an annual bonus to get you there.” “

She added that her role had few limits. “Imagine having to pick James up from the bed, tell him to brush his teeth, say, ‘OK, what do you want to eat? OK, someone’s coming to do your laundry. OK, I’m going to get your laundry, I guess. OK, it’s time to start filming – you don’t want to film – well, we both know you have to. So let’s think about it, ” Rocklein told Business Insider.

She also said Charles once asked for help shaving his buttocks, before wearing a revealing outfit for Coachella, which Rocklein says she felt “extremely uncomfortable”.

She then received a raise of $ 6,000 (which was later confirmed in a video from Charles), but says she regularly worked 80 hours a week and the new pay did not take into account her overtime. “It was sketchy,” Rocklein said. “Now with career experience, I know people will take advantage of you. But at the time, I was like, ‘OK, well, I trust them.'”

Rocklein went on to say, “He was making a ton of money at 18, and I literally couldn’t afford my full rent. I shared a room with a friend in downtown LA. Everything I did with him, I was just in this losing financial game, like “I have to keep working. I have to keep working. My bank account just rebounded.”

In his lawsuit, Rocklein also claims that Charles terminated his contract after being medically disconnected from work. She says that despite her seemingly favorable text, he later called and requested a face-to-face meeting and “emphatically informed her that she was fired due to poor performance.”

Charles denied the allegations in a video shared on Twitter on May 11, calling them “absolutely ridiculous, absurd, false, defamatory, just the craziest things you can imagine.”

He added: “My team is like family to me. I love them all so much, and you know a lot for being on the back of my YouTube videos … I support the fact that they are very, very good. maintained. “

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