Isabel Roloff is coming for YouTubers Nikki and Dan Phillippi, here’s why

Isabel Roloff isn’t afraid to speak up when something bothers her. She wasn’t afraid to talk about Youtubers Nikki and Dan Phillippi.

According to The sun, after a few incidents with the aggressive dog, Isabel said the situation hit home because her dog is considered “aggressive”. She said that despite being anxious with the other dogs, “they are working on it”.

Roloff revealed that she believes a dog should be a lifelong commitment.

She shared several photos of her puppies in her story. In one, she said, “after all the hardships … I never considered giving it up.”

Instagram, Isabel Roloff

What did Isabel Roloff say about her story?

Isabel shared a post of a petition signed by forty-eight thousand people to demonetize Youtubers.

She said her father did the same growing up. He euthanized the family dog ​​while they were away. She said, “Dogs make life more difficult, but they also make life so much better.” She said, “A dog has to bite more than one person to be considered dangerous.” Isabel said: “We don’t deserve the dogs. And she certainly didn’t deserve hers. She was talking about Nikki Phillippi.

She took it a step further by showing a video of Dan Phillippi pitting the dog they dropped off, Bowser. He repeatedly puts a Yorkie on his face and laughs as he barks at it. Isabel said his tail was wagging and there was a toy in his mouth. If he had been really aggressive, the Yorkie would have been bitten.

In other Publish, she showed a photo of the puppy with their son, the one he allegedly bit. She said, “They were scared to have him around Bowser, but not too scared to have a photoshoot before they killed him.” Isabel said if she was worried that a dog would hurt her son, she wouldn’t let him down for a photo that was close to her. It’s something that fascinates her a lot.

This is not the only reason the two have been criticized.

Isabel Roloff expressed outrage over their dog, but others were angry with their canceled adoption. The clip, released in 2018, shows the couple updating their followers that they would not adopt a Thai child. They initially said it was because they couldn’t show the child on Youtube. They later said it was because the child wouldn’t be theirs for a year after the adoption started.

According to The sun, the video is now on Reddit, bringing it back after the dog controversy. They said after learning that you can’t share the child on social media or Youtube for a year, they won’t. What do you think of Isabel’s arrival for the couple? Comment with your thoughts below.

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