How YouTuber found Vlog Squad and documentary fame

  • Jeff Wittek has nearly three million subscribers on YouTube.
  • A stunt that went wrong while filming a David Dobrik vlog in 2020 nearly killed him.
  • Wittek, who is now the highest paid 18+ account on Patreon, says he started selling marijuana.
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Jeff Wittek has lived a life of action during his 31 years.

The YouTuber, with nearly three million subscribers, was arrested for selling drugs in Miami, made a lucrative career as an influential hairstylist, joined the ever-popular Vlog Squad, and had his head slashed during a strange blow.

Going through Wittek’s timeline, you get an idea of ​​a thrill-seeker with a business-oriented attitude that can get him in trouble at times.

Over the past couple of months, Wittek has grown from a background character in David Dobrik’s vlogs to a massive influencer in his own right. After releasing four parts of his documentary series on YouTube, he showed a new side to fans, who devour it.

He has over 38,000 bosses on his Patreon, winning 37,000 of them over the past 10 days and making him the best 18+ designer on the site.

Wittek he said sold drugs before becoming a content creator

In the first episode of his YouTube series “Don’t Try This at Home,” Wittek said that as a child growing up on Staten Island, New York, he “always wanted to be a baseball player” and that he “grew up in poverty.” As a teenager, he learned to cut his hair and by age 16 he was making “$ 1,500 a week” as a hairdresser, he said.

“I didn’t like school and liked the idea of ​​making a quick buck,” Wittek said in the April 18 video. “I would cut off school and go to the barber.”

In the video, Wittek claims he sold “whatever he could get”, and said he has been arrested several times for selling marijuana. He eventually moved to Miami, where he said he encountered “bigger criminals”.

In 2011, when he was 21, he was arrested for possession of marijuana, illegal drug trafficking, possession of cocaine and possession of a controlled substance, according to Florida arrest records reviewed by Insider. These charges were subsequently dropped.

Wittek said in the video that he was able to get the charges dropped on the grounds of “technicality” because the police who searched his apartment for the narcotics did not have a warrant.

“15 years that I was supposed to be were gone,” Wittek said. “I would still be in jail to this day and now I was free to go.”

He started partnering with Viners in Los Angeles in 2014

jeff wittek mac miller

Jeff Wittek cuts Mac Miller’s hair

Behind the Cuts / Tumblr

After his meeting with the courts in Miami, Wittek decided to move to Los Angeles to buy bulk marijuana and send it back to New York, according to his account of the events in the April 18 video.

At the same time, Wittek was also growing his brand as an influencer and hairstylist, starting his YouTube channel in 2011. In 2012, he started a Tumblr blog called “Behind the cuts”, where he posted images with celebrities like Pauly D, Mac Miller and ASAP Rocky. That year, he started posting more frequently on Instagram, sharing photos of lavish hairstyles and parties.

A post shared by Jeff Wittek (@jeff)

According to publicly available housing registers, in 2014 Wittek moved in 1600 Vine, a Hollywood apartment complex that was known at the time to house now-defunct Vine app stars like Jake Paul, King Bach and Lele Pons. There he would appear in sketches with other Vine stars, becoming friends with influencers like Rudy Mancuso.

In 2015 he started dating the actress Cierra ramirez after meeting her at a club in Los Angeles (although their relationship completed in 2018). Wittek will also pursue his own small acting career, appearing in two YouTube shorts in 2016.

Wittek first met Toddy Smith, a member of the Vlog Squad, in 2017 in New York City at an event with the American Express brand. In a video on Smith’s channel, Wittek says the two were “drunk on their wits” and “instantly bonded over alcohol.”

Along with his influencer friends and haircutting prowess, Wittek started his “Jeff’s Barbershop” series to create long-form content for YouTube.

He made his first appearance in Dobrik’s vlogs in November 2018 when cops pulled over a car he was driving.

“On our first interaction I hadn’t planned to vlog with him, I was hanging out with Todd and David came by,” Wittek said. said in the first part of his YouTube video series.

Dobrik’s vlogging appearance helped Wittek rise to fame

Wittek appeared in numerous Dobrik videos throughout 2018 and 2019, although most of those vlogs have since been deleted.

“Jeff’s Barbershop” would become a massive platform, attracting some of the internet’s top talent alongside other members of the Vlog Squad. The brand deals with Old Spice and appearances of Jason nash, Rudy Mancuso, and Cody Ko would attract millions of views. Her October 2019 haircut with Dobrik is still the most popular on her channel, with over 12 million views.

According to SocialBlade, a social media analytics website, in November 2018, Wittek’s YouTube channel was gaining less than 5,000 subscribers per month. As of February 2019, it has gained over 220,000 subscribers.

When the pandemic essentially put an end to Dobrik’s vlogging, Wittek pushed the boundaries of himself and his brand. In Part 2 of his “Don’t Try This at Home” series, he explained that Dobrik wanted to do a stunt that involved jumping out of a plane 25 times for his vlog.

“When I’m the least comfortable I’m the happiest,” Wittek said in the video. “I like chaos.”

After taking on this challenge, Dobrik rose to the stakes. He brought many members of the Vlog Squad to Utah and acquired an excavator, spinning it with limbs attached. Wittek held on as Dobrik rocked him, eventually crashing into the metal arm and severely injuring him.

“I was in a lot of pain, I tore ligaments in my leg, I broke my foot, I broke my hip, I broke my skull in nine places, I broke my socket and I almost died, “said Wittek in the part three of his YouTube series “Do not try at home”.

During that year, Wittek continued to make barber shop videos with his injury around the eye visible. Barely five days after the accident, he filmed his video with TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio, joking that he can’t “legally” say what happened because he has “a big lawsuit in the works.” Wittek told viewers in an April 26 video that he was starting to feel more depressed about his situation because he couldn’t train or rely on his good looks.

Wittek tried to distance himself from the Vlog Squad after a former member was accused of sexually assaulting a woman at a party in 2018

In March 2021, Insider published an article that included an allegation that one of the former members of Dobrik’s Vlog Squad sexually assaulted a woman at a party. In this article, Wittek denied buying alcohol for minors at the party. In a March 21 video (which has since been deleted), Wittek continued to deny buying the alcohol and tried to discredit the Insider Report.

In a subsequent interview on the “Frenemies” podcast with Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein on March 21, Wittek said he did not read the entire article before creating the video.

Five days after the podcast interview, Wittek posted another response video, this time apologizing to reporter Insider and acknowledging that he may have mismanaged the situation.

Wittek continues to create content on his Patreon and YouTube

Wittek posted four parts of his documentary series on YouTube, each garnering millions of views in less than a week.


exploded in popularity as public sentiment around Wittek shifted his popularity. In an April 27 Twitter post, Wittek wrote that “it was great to share this stuff with you” and “you literally saved my life”.

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