“From Rs 8,000 salary to the creation of content on YouTube for 1.3 million subscribers”

I come from a very modest background and during my childhood our family had to face several financial difficulties. In my childhood, I had a small brain tumor, so to cure this I took medicine until I was 11 years old. The circumstances were so dire that my father bought a refrigerator for the first time simply because my medicine needed to be stored in a cooler place. Even after growing up, I was a teacher by profession and started my YouTube channel in 2018 for passive income. I’m from the hills, and just three years ago people didn’t know about content creators and online platforms.

Income fell to 7,000 due to foreclosure

In 2018, I was doing several things at the same time. During the day I went to my college, at night I taught local kids at my home, and at night I edited my motorized vlogging videos. Putting a camera on my helmet on my way to college and talking into the camera had become my creative outlet. The most significant change came when the country went into lockdown. My students couldn’t come, and even thanks to the online courses, my income fell to a third of what it used to be. At regular times, I managed to make 20,000 a month, but barely 7,000 returned during the lockdown. To top it off, spending has also gone up.

Now a family of 1.3 million on YouTube

I remember one day last year I asked my dad to support me for a year. I was doing several things, and the result was still poor. It was then that my dad told me to devote all my time to this YouTube channel and see where life takes me. I wouldn’t say it was overnight, but things exploded on social media in a very short period of time. After a year of full-time vlogging, we are now a family of 1.3 million on YouTube. At first I spent sleepless nights thinking about the future and how I would thrive, but I am very grateful for the appreciation and acceptance I received.

I travel almost every time of the year. I have been to Nepal, Leh-Ladakh, Rajasthan, and I am going to Assam and Meghalaya this month. Now life is about riding a bike, blogging, eating, editing videos, and sometimes sleeping. Even though I almost always grind, I never feel tired; Maybe it’s because I’m my passion, which drives me to explore as much as possible. I have learned that when a person is financially stable, they are in a better mental and emotional space. Now I wake up every morning with so much excitement. When I think back to what I have been through as an individual and what my family has seen, I know that all of these struggles were worth it.

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