Saya 888 Tue, 14 Dec 2021 06:51:23 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Saya 888 32 32 Japanese sole custody laws are a sore point for Australian parents separated from their children Tue, 14 Dec 2021 04:53:16 +0000

“I’m still married but haven’t had any meaningful contact with my children for two and a half years,” said Catherine Henderson, an Australian mother of two based in Tokyo.

“The point is, the legal system just doesn’t work in kidnapping cases and there is no law guaranteeing access. The failure of the Japanese government to have laws, systems and processes that prevent or punish parental child abduction has caused me untold pain and suffering.

Australian father Kav, who only asked to be referred to by his nickname to protect the identity of his children, has not seen his daughter for three and a half years. He is building a eucalyptus-filled reconciliation center in his Japanese village in the hopes of creating a space for them to meet again.

“I’m still married,” he says. “Can he explain to me how the Japanese people, their own people, how a country can work like this?” “

Yamagami said the sole custody system affects not only foreigners but Japanese parents as well.

“We don’t allow co-parenting,” he said. “Because it is based on the idea that if the terms of the relationship between father and mother are not good enough, then children can suffer from dealing with both.”

Kav, who has not seen his daughter for over three years, teaches English in his local village. Credit:Viola Kam

“Of course, a reflection is underway to know if we should revise our system. But Japan is one of the few countries where only single parenthood is allowed.

Henderson said that after her children were taken away by her husband when she went to work one morning in April 2019, she “felt like my two children died on the same day.”

“My life has been deeply affected by the loss of my children. I still suffer from episodes of crippling shock about what happened. One day when I was in [the Tokyo suburb of] Kichijoji, I saw a family of three, ”she said.

“The father and daughter said goodbye to the mother who was going in a different direction. I wanted to run after the mother and warn her that she shouldn’t let them go and that this might be the last time she sees her daughter.

The Japanese system does not have an enforcement mechanism for civil custody disputes. The US State Department found in 2018 that when Japanese parents refused to comply with court return orders, “there was no effective way to enforce the order, which resulted in a tendency to non-compliance “.


In one case, US Navy Commander Paul Toland was denied access to his daughter after his ex-wife committed suicide four years after abducting their child. The child was left in the care of her Japanese grandmother as the last direct parent to have contact with her.

Henderson said her attorneys told her she had “kara shinken.”

“Basically, although from a legal standpoint I have shared custody with my husband because I’m still married, it basically doesn’t make sense in a practical sense,” she said. “The complete and utter lack of justice or fairness in the system tormented me.”

Australian shared custody laws were cited by Japanese professor Tomiyuki Ogawa in his campaign to prevent Japan from changing its sole custody system. Ogawa claimed that in 2011 Australia rolled back changes to its 2006 law after incidents of domestic violence.

“The Australian law of 2006 posed a threat to the life, body and education of children,” he told the Tokyo Shimbun in July. “The revision of the law in 2006 was a dismal failure.

But a review of the 2011 amendments to the law by the Australian Institute of Family Studies found that it changed the focus on children’s rights “a little” to give more weight “to need. to protect children from harm. ”.

Adam Perry, a British lawyer who spent five years in Japan studying its legal system, said Japan is the only G20 country that does not have a shared custody system.

“It is widely accepted that parental abductions occur primarily for the sole purpose of obtaining custody,” he said.

Perry said that Japan’s family courts, in violation of Japan’s international commitments, including the Hague Convention, continue to implement and practice a system of child custody that does not serve the best interests. of the child in the foreground.

“He accepts the first parental child abduction, does not respect foreign decisions and supports the refusal of contact and visitation of the abducting parent,” he said.

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YouTuber Dave Rubin moves to Florida Mon, 13 Dec 2021 21:58:58 +0000

political commentator Dave rubin will soon be the last conservative expert to settle in Florida.

Rubin is the host of “The Rubin Report”, a conservative-leaning California-based talk show. As of Monday, the channel had more than 1.65 million subscribers on YouTube.

In one video Posted on Monday, Rubin lamented the Democrat-controlled state’s high taxes, crime rates and homelessness issues. He and his colleagues will be relocating to the Sunshine State later this week.

“It’s been a long time coming,” Rubin said in a Twitter post with a photo of him standing alongside Gov. Ron DeSantis. “I did my best to save California. California doesn’t want to be saved.

Rubin is the latest to participate in what he describes as an “Exodus from the Blue State”. The term, and its variations, refer to the thousands, if not millions, who have left Democratic states in favor of Republican-controlled states. Conservative media giant Ben shapiro moved from California to Florida in the past year, citing similar motivations.

“Personal thanks to (Governor of California) Gavin Newsom as I officially leave California’s dystopian nightmare for the Free State of Florida, ”Rubin tweeted.

Notably, DeSantis himself is also highlighting the so-called exodus, which apparently started amid the COVID-19 pandemic. In many cases, Democrats in those blue states have used harsh public health measures, such as warrants for vaccines and masks. The measures were – and remain – a hot topic of debate.

DeSantis is considered a 2024 GOP presidential candidate and among the most vocal critics of sweeping public health measures implemented under the president Joe bidenadministration and other Democratic heads of state.

Rubin hailed Florida as a “great” and “free” state more in keeping with his views.

“See you soon, Governor Ron DeSantis,” Rubin tweeted.

Rubin will find himself in a bunch of conservative society.

Former president Donald trump resides in Florida, establishing his Mar-a-Lago home as the “Southern White House” soon after taking office in 2016. Conservative leaders often flock in and out of the estate.

Fox News Host Tucker carlson also resides in Florida, as well as the former adviser to Trump Pierre Roger and others.

Conservative radio legend Rush limbaugh lived in Florida until his death earlier this year.

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CBS46 Morning News Update 12/13/21 – Oakland News Now Mon, 13 Dec 2021 12:56:29 +0000

Oakland News Now –

CBS46 Morning News Update 12/13/21

– video made by the YouTube channel with the logo in the upper left corner of the video. is the original blog post for this type of video blog content.

CBS46 Morning News Update 12/13/21.


Note from Zennie62Media and This video blog post shows the full, live operation of the latest updated version of an experimental network of Zennie62Media, Inc. mobile multimedia video blogging system that was launched in June 2018 This is an important part of Zennie62Media, Inc.’s new and innovative approach to news media production. What we call “the third wave of media”. The uploaded video is from a YouTube channel. When the CBS46 Atlanta News YouTube video channel uploads a video, it is automatically uploaded and automatically formatted on the Oakland News Now site and on social media pages created and owned by Zennie62. The overall goal here, in addition to our, is the on-scene reporting of news, interviews, observations and events on smartphones, in real time, anywhere in the world and in seconds and not within hours – is the use of the existing YouTube social network. graphic on any topic in the world. Now the news is reported with a smartphone and also by promoting the current content on YouTube: no heavy and expensive camera or even a laptop is needed, nor to have a camera crew to film what is already on Youtube. The secondary objective is faster and very inexpensive production and distribution of media content information. We have found that there is a lag between the length of the post and the production time and revenue generated. With this the problem is much less, but by no means solved. Zennie62Media is constantly striving to improve the system’s network coding and is looking for interested multimedia content and technology partners.

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The 8 best YouTube channels for photographers in 2022 Sun, 12 Dec 2021 14:16:00 +0000

Nowadays, it is possible to become a fantastic photographer using only free resources. And one of the best places to learn and get inspiration for your next photoshoot is YouTube.

In recent years, several photographers have taken to the platform to document their travels and share the skills they have learned along the way. Some have also made it their full-time job or have generated a decent level of additional income through YouTube.

If you don’t know who to subscribe to, we’ve got you covered. Below, you’ll find eight photography YouTubers you should check out.

Screenshot of Evan Ranft's YouTube page

Evan Ranft is a photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He has posted more than 300 videos since 2016 and has surpassed the 300,000 subscriber mark.

Ranft’s channel is a complete mix of videos that you will find useful if you want to start your own photography business. He documents his journey in vlogs, tests out new photographic gear, and shares craft and business tips.

In addition to YouTube, Ranft is also active on Twitter and Instagram, both of which provide additional unique information about his life.

Screenshot of Sean Tucker's YouTube page

Sean Tucker is a South African photographer, but he has been living in the UK for some time. In 2021 he moved from London to settle in Yorkshire, in the north of England.


While many YouTubers on this list primarily share vlogging content, Tucker’s channel primarily features sit-down videos. He discusses photography from a philosophical perspective, and many of the tips he shares apply to everyday life outside of the craft.

Besides being therapeutic, another advantage of Tucker’s videos is that you don’t necessarily have to “watch” them; they’re just as valuable if you listen to them like a podcast.

Screenshot of Joe Allam's YouTube page

Joe Allam is a British travel photographer who lives in London but has a soft spot for Japan. The majority of Allam’s videos are vlogs with a heavy focus on photography. Many of them are from overseas, but he also posts content of him exploring his hometown.

In addition to travel vlogs, Allam shares helpful tips on structuring travel photoshoots and various photo gadget reviews. You’ll also find several helpful videos that offer tips on the post-production process.

Like Sean Tucker, Allam is relatively active on Instagram and Twitter, so it’s worth following him on both platforms.

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Screenshot showing Pat Kay's YouTube page

Another photographer with a strong affinity with Japan is Pat Kay, who lives in Sydney, Australia. Kay is a travel photographer who has captured images in several countries including Norway and New Zealand.

Kay launched her YouTube channel in 2020 and has attracted over 80,000 subscribers in just over a year. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he hasn’t been able to take much travel lately. As a result, many of his recent videos have given him the opportunity to share helpful tips and tutorials.

Kay delves into the technical aspects of what makes a great photo. He tackles several topics, including color theory and contrast in images. On top of that, he also talks about gear and more.

At the end of 2021, Kay mentioned that he plans to move to Japan and wants to create more casual content while exploring.

Screenshot of this Icelandic's YouTube channel

This Icelandic Guy is a Photographer and YouTuber who, as you might have guessed, is from Iceland. He lives in Sweden with his girlfriend and their child and has several vlogs from Stockholm and his homeland.

On their YouTube channel, That Icelandic Guy has a huge catalog of great tutorials for editing photos in Adobe Lightroom. On top of that, he also shares tips for making better videos with Adobe Premiere Pro.

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This Icelandic guy also shares great tips on monetizing other areas of photography, as well as how to grow an audience on social media. And speaking of social media, he’s active on both TikTok and Instagram, in addition to YouTube.

Screenshot of Alen Palander's YouTube channel

Alen Palander is based in Canada and is a Creative Director alongside her photography and YouTube work. His photos have a very distinct moody feel, and his films are designed to evoke the same emotions.

On his channel, Palander shares a large selection of videos. You’ll find editing tips on Lightroom, in addition to its commercial photoshoots and behind the scenes.

Palander also shares tips on how to become a better YouTuber, with a few vlogs for good measure.

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Screenshot of Pierre Lambert's YouTube channel

Pierre Lambert is a French photographer who now lives in Chicago. As of December 2021, he had over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Lambert shares fun videos covering a wide range of photographic genres. Its challenges are entertaining and include things like taking photos of strangers and five-minute photo challenges from around the world.

Along with the challenges, Lambert shares helpful tips for novice photographers, both for taking better photos and for editing afterwards. It also has several portrait and street photography tutorials.

Screenshot of Chris Hau's YouTube channel

Canada is a hotbed for successful YouTubers, and Chris Hau is one of the best when it comes to the photography side of the platform. He has shared over 200 videos and has over 520,000 subscribers on his channel.

Hau shares various product reviews related to professional cameras and smartphones. He also gives his take on Instagram trends, providing a balanced opinion in the process.

Hau also has several valuable videos on YouTube monetization and running a business in general on his channel. If you scroll down to its older content, you’ll also find cutscenes if that’s your kind of thing.

Get inspired by the best photographers on YouTube

Photography is one of the best ways to discover great people that you would never have met otherwise. And while you can take inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, none are necessarily as good at absorbing valuable information as YouTube.

The YouTuber photographers we have listed in this article share a lot of valuable information, while providing entertainment and showing behind the scenes of their daily work. Once you’ve watched and subscribed them all, why not try and become the next big hit yourself?

7 things to consider when starting a YouTube channel

Starting a successful YouTube channel isn’t easy, but if you keep these tips in mind, you’ll have a head start!

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Japanese Globetrotter Loves Only You Ends Glowing Career With Daring Hong Kong Cup Victory | HK Racing Sun, 12 Dec 2021 13:52:26 +0000

Japanese globetrotter Loves Only You ended her sensational career with a fairytale victory in the Longines Hong Kong Cup (2,000m) in Group 1 on Sunday.

Yoshito Yahagi’s five-year-old mare had a stellar 2021 traveling the world and was all the rage for the HK $ 30million contest – the city’s richest race – as she chased a third success in group 1 of his last four starts.

With April’s QE II Cup and last month’s Breeders’ Cup Filly & Mare Turf already under his belt – plus a third in the Dubai Sheema Classic, and a win and a second at group two at home – Loves Only You started off a $ 2.6 favorite in her last run before moving on to the next phase of her career and becoming a brood mare.

While jockey Yuga Kawada gave her a nice run in transit – she settled a takedown, a comeback – there were some nervous moments where they were crowded for room in the early parts of the straight.

But Loves Only You showed their courage, lifting under pressure and taking a narrow lead to topple Russian Emperor before challenging compatriot Hishi Iguazu to win by a short header.

It was a fitting way to cap off a career that garnered eight wins – including four at Group 1 level, including the 2019 Yushun Himba (Japanese Oaks) – and five standings in 16 starts.

HKIR: Reflective Yoshito Yahagi Seeks Perfect Farewell To Loves Only You

Kawada, who has been one of Japan’s top jockeys for over a decade, praised the daughter of Deep Impact.

“This is the best female horse I have ever ridden,” he said. “I am really proud [of the win]. She jumped well but the pace was a bit slow. She relaxed well and I was able to get a good position.

“She gave me two big gifts [with her wins in her past two runs]. I hope she will be a good mother.

Yahagi not having made the trip, the representative of the Yusaku Oka team took the stage and was delighted with the result and hopes the team will come back for more.

“I am so happy to win this race for our coach, who is watching in Japan,” Oka said. “She won the Breeders’ Cup really well and in the spring she came here and had a good result, so we were always confident that she would run well.

“She has a good pedigree so we look forward to what she does [in the next stage of her career].

“We have a lot of very good horses in the stable so we hope we will come back here. [in Hong Kong] with them in the future.

The Golden Sixty record is the pride of Hong Kong: “it means the world to me”

It was a terrific run from Hishi Iguazu ($ 5.80), Joao Moreira settling in second to last before sweeping the field and falling narrowly.

At the top of the straight, it looked like Douglas Whyte would clinch his first Group 1 victory as a coach as the Russian Emperor rushed forward, but he couldn’t keep up the rage in the later stages as it has been revised by the Japanese pair. It was still a huge effort to finish third at $ 24.

British raider Dubai Honor also finished in style to finish fourth, beaten by a length and a quarter.

“He ran great and ran fantastic, [he kept coming] at the line, ”said jockey Tom Marquand.

Among the other internationals, Lei Papale finished sixth, Christophe Soumillon declaring “that she ran well but was a little unlucky at the turn”.

Coolmore’s Bolshoi Ballet finished ninth, while jockey Kevin Manning could not find a reason for the failure of Mac Swiney, the Irish visitor rounding out the field.

“He ran badly, no reason and too bad to be true,” he said.


YouTuber moves HC against FIR Sat, 11 Dec 2021 18:36:47 +0000

YouTuber Maridhas has moved Madurai’s bench from Madras High Court, requesting the overturn of an FIR registered against him by Madurai Police.

In his petition, Maridhas said on December 9 that he had posted a message regarding the death of the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Bipin Rawat.

He said he called on the government to take action against “people who smile at the death of the Chief of Defense Staff.” Instead, the government took action against him, Maridhas said.

He said he had raised his voice against separatism and terrorism, as a social activist. Mr Maridhas said Madurai police had registered FIR against him under several sections of the IPC. He stated that there was no basis for invoking the provisions against him. The petition has been filed with Judge GR Swaminathan and will be considered on December 13.

Madurai police had arrested Mr Maridhas over an investigation into his social media post, which questioned whether Tamil Nadu was turning into another Kashmir.

Chennai Police’s Central Crime Branch formally arrested Mr. Maridhas on Saturday in an ongoing infringement case. Madurai police arrested Mr. Maridhas and imprisoned him in Theni Prison. The CCB arrested him in prison in connection with the case, recorded last year over a complaint by Vinay Sarawagi, deputy editor of the News18 group.

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Vloggers also threatened with media attacks – Eleazar Sat, 11 Dec 2021 16:00:00 +0000

The Filipino star

December 12, 2021 | 00h00

MANILA, Philippines – For Senate contender Gen. Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, the attack on members of the media poses a serious challenge the government must tackle, as the same threat could potentially include social media content producers. .

“If some people can easily harass or even kill members of the media, what would stop others from doing the same thing, for example against bloggers and video bloggers on social networks? said Eléazar.

He was responding to the recent media murder involving Pampanga-based journalist Jess Malabanan who was gunned down in their Calbayog City store in Samar on the night of December 7.

Malabanan, 58, was a correspondent for Manila Standard and Bandera and also a contributor to the international news agency Reuters. He died of a gunshot wound to the head.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has established a special investigative task force to investigate the case.

Eleazar explained that social media has also paved the way for the popularity of other people outside of mainstream media who produce content related to social issues and other controversial content for internet user consumption.

He said efforts should be made to “strengthen prevention, protection of media workers, investigative capacity to resolve media assassination cases and even prosecution of those involved.”

“That way we would be able to send a strong message that they can’t easily do this to just anyone. As I have always said, it is the certainty that those who commit crimes will be arrested and punished which is the best measure to face this kind of problem, ”he added.

The Philippines has been repeatedly labeled as one of the dangerous countries in the world for journalists.

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Zsa Zsa Padilla enjoys farm life in Quezon – Manila Bulletin Sat, 11 Dec 2021 02:00:00 +0000

In a sea of ​​farmers, there is one group you might not expect: celebrities.

Famous people have their own interests out of the limelight, and agriculture, for some celebrities, is one of them.

Singer and actress Esperanza Perez Padilla, better known by her stage name Zsa Zsa Padilla, is no exception.

Zsa Zsa Padilla has found a home on their farm in Lucban where she and her partner Conrad now grow and cook what they grow.

When not performing on screen, the Divine Diva of the Filipino entertainment industry enjoys spending time at their family farm in Kilib, Lucban, Quezon.

On her YouTube channel, she gave her subscribers an overview of the Esperanza farm which covers a total of 5.5 hectares.

The singer-actress shares her love for farming and cooking with her partner, Conrad Onglao.

Although their farm is still under construction, it is already filled with various ornamental plants, edible crops, nipa huts for lounging and housing, ponds, a paddy field, a chicken coop, an enclosure. goats, and more!

If you visit the place you will be greeted by lush ornamental plants like different types of beehive ginger plants (Zingiber spectabile) walking on a gravel road.

Updates and improvements to Esperanza Farm are documented by Padilla and can be viewed on her YouTube channel.

As his vlogs show, the once empty chicken coop now houses several chickens, while the roofless shed has been made habitable and now houses two cows.

Esperanza Farm is 5.5 hectares of land that Zsa Zsa calls their “happy place”.

Some of the crops at Esperanza Farm include papaya, ginger, tanglad or lemongrass and habanero orange, Onglao’s favorite.

As she toured viewers around the farm, she explained that whenever she traveled to Japan with Onglao, they visited local markets to buy different kinds of sweet potatoes, as they found them delicious and easy to eat. spread.

Due to their love for kamot, they planted several varieties of this root crop on their farm, which differ in size and color. According to Padilla, it’s “really fun [to grow] and very generous [to eat]. “

Padilla also mentioned that the property has fruit trees like grapefruit and coconut palms, as well as a bamboo grove.

They also planted flowers next to crops to increase crop productivity and keep pests away. Their family no longer buys rice from the market because they get it from the farm.

Ornamental plants such as ginger plants also flourish on the farm.

There are separate ponds for tilapia, lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) and water lilies (Water lilies). The farm also has stunning views of Mount Banahaw.

When buying land for agricultural use, one must take into account the availability of water, said Padilla. She went on to say that the use of spring water is also important for plant growth.

To make sure, the water from Esperanza Farm has undergone a bacteriological test and the results suggest that it is safe for consumption or use.

Zsa Zsa’s ornamental floral collection

La Ferme Esperanza is a place of serenity. Inside the farm, there is a greenhouse filled with flowering orchids and other ornamental plants.

Zsa Zsa posing inside the greenhouse where her ornamental collection is located.

Padilla mentioned in a farming vlog that she doesn’t have to worry about watering her plant collection since they have an automated watering system in the greenhouse. Some of his presented orchids are dendrobium varieties.

The couple continue to carry out the plans they left for the property, but at first glance, the farmhouse already looks beautiful and well thought out.

Photos taken from Zsa Zsa Padilla’s YouTube videos.

Learn more about farming and gardening at



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YouTuber discovers submerged car of teenagers who disappeared 21 years ago in Sparta, Tennessee Fri, 10 Dec 2021 10:45:00 +0000 White County Police confirmed on December 1 their discovery of a car that matched the one driven by 18-year-old Erin Foster and 17-year-old Jeremy Bechtel, who were reported missing in April 2000.
Jeremy Beau Sides, whose YouTube channel is Exploring with the Nug, told CNN he stumbled upon the cold matter while browsing a database of missing persons.

“When I saw two teenagers disappear and disappear in a car, it really struck me,” Sides said. “When I looked at the town where they were last seen, I saw a big river running through it. It just told me to go.”

Sides, who describes themselves as a one-man crew and does all of their filming and editing, grabbed their gear and left for Sparta, the county seat of White County, Tennessee.
His initial search was unsuccessful, but the search video was brought to the attention of White County Sheriff Steve Page in late November by a member of Foster’s family. Page said in a statement that he contacted Sides to suggest that he look for another location along the Calfkiller River.
And that’s where Sides made the discovery. His video shows the moment.

“Whoa, oh OK, it’s 100% a car in front of my face,” he said looking at the sonar. “I searched all day and finally found a car.”

After receiving the call from Sides, the police team “arrived at the scene within minutes to investigate, which confirmed the vehicle’s match,” police said.

The find was exciting, but “sad because it means two teenagers have died,” Sides said.

He said he hoped it might help bring some peace to the families of the missing teens. “At the end of the day, I just want to help,” he said.

The remains in the car have yet to be identified and will be sent for genetic DNA testing and possible comparisons with dental records, authorities said, according to CNN affiliate WTVF.

Major John Meadows, the lead investigator in the case, was a classmate with the two teenagers.

“It’s very humbling to be able to be a part of something that is going to bring so much closure to so many families,” he told WTVF.

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Adele reveals why she doesn’t have access to her own Instagram account Fri, 10 Dec 2021 04:00:45 +0000

Just a few months ago, Adele had an interesting conversation with her fans via live Instagram, but it looks like the singer won’t be doing it again anytime soon. Why? Well for starters, she doesn’t even have access to her official Instagram account now.

The 33-year-old singer recently appeared as a guest on a video posted by makeup and beauty blogger NikkieTutorials, in which Nikkie put makeup on Adele. As the theme of the video was “the power of makeup,” the vlogger only made up half of Adele’s face. While she was putting on the singer’s makeup, the two had an interesting conversation, with Nikkie casually interviewing Adele.

Nikkie touched on Adele’s Instagram live a few months ago and asked the singer if she could do another live broadcast in the future. “No, because I don’t know how to use it,” Adele replied. The singer admitted that she didn’t really enjoy the experience of being the one to handle the live broadcast and couldn’t really do another Instagram live because she didn’t have access to the password. of his Instagram account for the moment.

The singer added that it was “in fact a well-known fact” that she was not allowed to access her social media accounts, although she did have access to her Instagram account during the pandemic.

As to why Adele no longer has access to her Instagram account now, she clarified: “They were worried if I got drunk or angry, whatever I did. Not responding to anyone, more just posting my thoughts. But she said if she had free rein on her login details for her social media accounts, she would “just share memes and funny stuff with her. [her] real friends.

Adele then mentioned that there was this photo that she posted on Instagram and it was the only photo that she herself had posted, and then her password was revoked again. She didn’t specify in Nikkie’s video which photo she was talking about, but last year there was a photo of her that got a bit of a buzz around the internet.

The photo is a personal snapshot of the singer sporting a hairstyle with traditional Bantu knots and wearing a bikini top designed like the Jamaican flag.

Adele’s photo sparked backlash for her cultural appropriation of Bantu knots, which is a traditional African hairstyle. The singer then addressed the controversy in a cover with British Vogue, saying she decided not to remove the photo in order to admit her mistake instead of erasing it.

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Instagram will soon encourage young people to ‘take a break’ with a new option

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