English Youtuber eats all of McDonald’s Christmas menu in just 24 minutes

Can you binge on a heavy diet with 9,600 calories in one place? Incredible and weird! A US-based man could simply savor the entire menu in under 30 minutes.

A video by Youtuber Kyle Gibson has gone viral and competitively devours a whole McDonald’s Christmas meal containing 9,600 calories. The video gained 31,317 views and over 900 likes within days of posting.

In the video, we see Kyle Gibson surrounded by the entire meal menu – as he puts it loudly in the video before talking to the meal. Soon he turns on the timer and enjoys the delicacies one by one.

Watch the video, here:

In the 8-minute video, Gibson attempted to complete the massive meal in one sitting. He managed to devour it quickly, as time passed 24 minutes.

The menu he finished eating in 24 minutes included:

  1. 3 festive burgers with crispy chicken

  2. 3 festive piles (those of beef)

  3. 2 cheese shareboxes

  4. 8 festive pies

  5. 2 McFlurries Celebrations

The professional competitive eater told ChronicleLive, “I had just worked out before making the McDonald’s Christmas menu and was very hungry. I was able to finish everything quite easily.

Netizens were stunned by this foodie’s ability and flooded the comment box with their reactions. Check out some reactions:

Youtube: KyleVfood

Youtube: KyleVfood

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Posted on: Thursday December 02, 2021 5:02 PM IST

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