EA Play Live: Major Skate YouTubers Are Part of Skate 4 Development

Electronic Arts won’t show any footage from the upcoming Skate 4 game, but there was some development before EA Play Live.

The Skate 4 Full Circle development studio has already confirmed on the official Skate 4 Twitter account that we won’t be seeing any gameplay footage when EA Play Live airs on Thursday the 22nd:

“We know a lot of you were hoping to see more of us this week, but we’re not ready for prime time just yet and won’t be on the EA Play Live show on Thursday,” Full confirmed. Circle.

“It’s still early days and we’re committed to getting it right, which means it’s going to take time.”

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However, it has now been confirmed that some prominent YouTubers in the Skate community are helping to develop the new Skate 4 game. Names such as ZexyZek, Avalanche, Skate3Tommy and pro skater turned streamer Garrett Ginner are confirmed as part of the ‘council of players ”from EA Full Circle.

The initial Full Circle trailer showed several skaters doing MoCap (motion capture) for the new game and very brief comments from YouTubers on the current version. There was nothing that looked like the finished product, but the developers are taking their time to make sure the long-awaited game is as perfect as it gets.

The Skate Franchise – From Xbox 360 to the Current Generation

The Skate franchise helped revolutionize the perception of what skateboarding games could be when the first game debuted on Xbox 360. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series had sparked the boom in late-1980s extreme sports games. 90s to early 2000s, but the player base wanted something that was less arcade and more into the simulation genre.

Skate, Skate 2 and Skate 3 all filled this simulation niche and turned out to be cult classics going on. Skate 3 is still available to play through Xbox Game Pass on Xbox One, Xbox Series S / X, and mobile devices.

It’s a big step for EA to bring in some of the most prominent players and streamers to the ever-popular Skate 3 community, as it can help give the product additional authenticity.

Skate 3 is a game that came out 11 years ago, and the need for Skate 4 was absolutely huge for many years before EA finally announced that we would have a new game in the series.

Check out ZexyZek’s announcement below, which also shows the new Skate 4 trailer:

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