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Tata Motors launched the all-new Safari to the market earlier this year. The 7-seater SUV is currently the manufacturer’s flagship model. The SUV is based on the 5-seater Harrier and the two SUVs have many characteristics in common. The all new Safari does not look like the old version which was discontinued in the market. The SUV is available with a front-wheel drive configuration only. The all-new Safari competes with cars like MG Hector Plus, Mahindra XUV500 and the segment’s next Hyundai Alcazar. Tata offers a Terrain Response mode with Safari which has Wet mode and Rough Road mode. Do these field modes really work? Let’s take a look at the video to find out.

The video was uploaded by All-in-one entertainment on their Youtube channel. The video begins by showing a Tata Safari owner who is curious as to whether his Safari’s Terrain Response mode actually works or if it is a gimmick. For testing purposes he is driving on a muddy road with slush snow. The owner mentions that, the SUV will go through this section without any problem if it drives it with some momentum. What he wants is to know if the Safari can cross the section at slow speed.

The vlogger gets into the car and his friend who was with him in the car starts shooting from outside. The vlogger enters, starts the vehicle, then puts the car in “wet mode”. The car begins to move forward without any problem. The tires were losing grip in places, but the terrain response system kicked in and kept the car in control.

As mentioned above, Tata Safari comes with Wet and Rough Rough road mode. Wet mode as the name suggests is intended for driving in rainy conditions or on wet roads. This mode provides better traction control and the throttle response is also linear. Rough Road Mode optimizes the overall behavior of the vehicle to handle rough roads.

The Safari in wet mode performed quite well. The owner or vlogger has experienced it twice. In the first part, the SUV progressed smoothly on the muddy road without losing control. In the second part, he did the same in a place with a little more slush. The Safari was working fine and almost erased the section. Only towards the end, the SUV lost traction and the wheels started to spin.

He took the SUV in reverse and with some momentum he cleared it too. This is not an off-road video and no one should take the all-new off-road safari because it is a front-wheel drive SUV. The SUV offers features such as panoramic sunroof, power adjustable driver’s seat, touchscreen infotainment screen, multifunction steering wheel, leather-wrapped seats, and more. It is powered by the same engine as Harrier. It receives a 2.0-liter turbocharged diesel engine that generates 170 Ps and 350 Nm of peak torque. The engine is available with manual and automatic transmission options.

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