Conor McGregor vs Jake Paul: YouTuber lists 5 reasons he would win

YouTuber Jake Paul stirred the pot once again, sharing his take on a potential boxing match with UFC legend Conor McGregor.

Publicly at least, Paul firmly claims he could beat the Irishman, and he has explained why he can do just that.

Paul’s 3-0 boxing record looks impressive on paper, with two TKO wins and one KO win. McGregor’s 0-1 record, on the other hand, comes from a single TKO loss.

On the surface it looks promising for Jake Paul, but dig a little deeper and it all falls apart. McGregor fought arguably the greatest boxer of all time, while “ The Problem Child ” beat a fellow YouTuber, retired basketball player and just happy wrestler for a payday.

McGregor is also known as one of the best forwards in MMA history, with a lethal left hand often taking down enemies in dramatic fashion.

The story of Jake Paul and McGregor

Jake Paul has been trying to get McGregor’s attention for many months, often taking to social media to sting the bear. This resulted in a highly questionable appeal video featuring a check for $ 50 million, risky slurs on his wife and the punching of an older man in an Irish pub.

Calling family wrestlers like Ben Askren seems safe enough, but getting personal with McGregor is a lot riskier. He’s a man who has been known to fly large groups of his buddies across the pond to get physical revenge on those who dare to insult one of his allies.

Finally, after ignoring Paul for months, McGregor responded with a simple but brilliant tweet: “UFC high profile fights> [greater than] Blogger jackass boxing. “


Paul’s five reasons

In an interview with SunSportPaul said, “First and foremost, I’m a better athlete than McGregor. He never played football, he never played lacrosse, he never wrestled, he was never an all-state football player.

“I’m about four inches taller and I’m about 60 pounds, 50 pounds heavier with no weight reduction.

“And that’s what a lot of people don’t understand when I hit these guys, I have knockout power because I’m cutting 210 pounds.


As Ben Askren will attest, having a good career in one sport doesn’t mean you will be a star in another. McGregor also walks between 170 and 180 pounds, so Paul’s weight advantage is overestimated by a good 20 pounds.

He continued, “The other part is that he underestimates me. He’s going to get in there, relax on his yachts, babysit his three grandchildren, go out to dinner with his wife, play on the beach in the sand, thinking Jake Paul is walking in the park. When I’m going to scramble every day to beat this guy.

“I’m not just fighting Conor McGregor for pay day; I’m fighting Conor McGregor to beat him and level up after that. It is not a gadget. I don’t understand how or why people haven’t saved it yet, but since it’s not a game.

“I train my ass; I have knockout power and I don’t even need to show my boxing skills because I’ve only been in the ring for a total of seven minutes in my professional career.”

About the prospect of facing Dustin Poirier for McGregor, Paul said: “Potentially it’s very, very realistic for sure. I think it depends on what he does against Dustin on July 10th. “

Paul even revealed a potential career path after McGregor: “Who knows, maybe after beating McGregor I fight Khabib.”

McGregor’s career has been built on challenges, whether it’s becoming a two-weight world champion, facing the boxing GOAT, or building an empire.

What should be an easy fight against a YouTuber doesn’t seem to fit well with McGregor’s usual decision-making processes. However, if he throws enough money at him and continues his assault on social media, Paul may manage to catch the biggest fish in the sporting world.

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