Chevy Corvette and Shelby GT500 GoPro Ride-Alongs Showcase Cool Autocross POV

The owner of the Rear wheel drive The YouTube channel has been making waves among Corvette C8 enthusiasts for quite some time now, although it is fairly new to vlogging. Basically, the Chevy he acquired in 2020 has become his entry point into the world of social media. Yet he makes up for lost time by organizing all kinds of interesting meetings.

It pays off when you have like-minded friends, so the lime-wrapped Corvette C8 has been busy with all kinds of challenges and all kinds of (mostly friendly) rivals. The last time we checked its progress, the C8 lined up for a series of traditional quarter-mile skirmishes against a variety of challengers, including a Jeep Trackhawk and the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500.

The Corvette still hasn’t escaped the latter in this recent video, but this time around we’re dealing with a completely different setup. This is because the YouTuber is also passionate about autocross competitions, and he came with a few friends, including one who drives a white C8 with an equally cool Martini livery.

In case it is not clear what is going on in these kinds of matches, there is a short overview of the rules and a course run from the 1:20 minute mark. Better yet, let’s let the cars put the explanations into perspective as the drivers line up for the warm-up lap, and we’re greeted with a very cool POV thanks to the neat GoPro setup he has prepared for this event.

From 5:36 am it is time for the first run, which is not great as the tires weren’t hot enough, hence the low time of 82.19s. No worries, there are plenty of extra races to improve as he made no less than nine attempts that day. Better yet, between the rides and descents of the green C8, there’s even more POV action with other cars, including a C5 Corvette Z06, a C6 GrandSport, as well as the particularly cool and fast with the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 blue (from 13:10 mark).

In the end, he wasn’t the fastest among the trio of friends at the end of the day (ranking is explained from the 17.25 mark, RWD’s best was a 66.6s) but frankly (for us) it still manages to steal the show from all the other “Vettes” featured before and after.

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