Calling for Lee Williams’ residence to be canceled is not a matter of “decoupling the debate” – Matthew Tukaki of the Maori Council

“This is the extreme case – it’s not about trying to debate, argue or have an honest conversation and damn it I’m going to have a cup of tea with Don Brash and Judith Collins for yelling out loud, but in this case it is the most extreme. “

He said Williams’ actions went beyond the threshold of deportation from the country for reasons of character. According to New Zealand Immigration, a person does not qualify for a visa if they have already made a racist statement publicly or if they have been a member of a racist group.

“Forgive me for saying that, and it shouldn’t be a message to other people migrating to this country who want to be involved in independent, democratic and open debate and discussion – but don’t come here pouring out the hatred on the indigenous people of the First Nation of this country, ”Tukaki said.

“It’s not just the words he speaks – it’s about the followers he begins to draw to him like bees in a pot of honey.

“I am considering filing a complaint with the police for harassment law – that’s one of the leads I’m looking at. ”

Tukaki said he warned Williams “not to send me any more social media messages, otherwise I will specifically file a complaint.”

“My message to people more generally is that it is up to individuals – each of us to stand up to this man.

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