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Another of its fantastic points is the durability of NT-USB. Amateur YouTube creators might think they can invest their money in cheaper mics and just upgrade later, but it might not be the right choice.

It’s a better option to just invest in a quality microphone that will bring you years of audio quality to come, and that’s what the Røde NT-USB is all about. With the proper care, he can get through trips, tours, and all kinds of different events.

What else does the Røde NT-USB have for this? Its USB connection, of course. This USB microphone is one of the best in the business and allows beginners to start producing videos in incredible audio quality right from the start.

Higher quality microphones often require complicated setups, including an audio interface, but the Røde NT-USB does not. You can just plug it into your laptop or computer and start filming. With the right adapter, it is even compatible with portable devices like the iPad. Definitely a winner in our books.

With the convenience offered by NT-USB, more content creators can start shooting their YouTube videos immediately. If you’re the type who wants a lot of flexibility, convenience, and ease with your recordings, a USB microphone like the NT-USB is the way to go. This allows you to get rid of complex processes and exercise your creativity faster and more efficiently.

Although the NT-USB suffers from a bit of sensitivity, especially when it comes to table noise and keyboard sounds, its sound is nonetheless crisp and clear.

Other USB microphones tend to suffer from a bit of hiss and noise, but NT-USB doesn’t have such a problem. Its sound is crisp and detailed, and its cardioid polar configuration makes it easier to block out background noise, allowing you to record for YouTube, whether ASMR, vlog, or gaming, while maintaining crystal-clear audio. and optimal fidelity. .

With USB microphones, the Røde NT-USB is definitely ahead of the pack.

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