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AniManGaki Online 2021 Low Budget Cosplay Contest recognized the best creative minds of cosplayers who showed off their creative design ideas during the competition.

Contestants photographed their cosplay before and after dressing up and submitted their entries in a “4-slot photo frame” with a short description of the cosplay.

Cosplay expert judges Vivid Vision, Rikka Blurhound, and Shinku_ 真 紅 faced a tough decision to select the winners as all of the contestants did well with all of their creative minds on the prowl.

Lee Chi Thong creates his cosplay as Adam, from the Japanese manga series Fullmetal Alchemist, using apples, buns and banana peels.

Freelance writer Lee Chi Thong, 29, better known by her cosplay name LamborZinni, shows what an imagination she has and won the top prize in her first low budget cosplay attempt.

For props, she used homemade apples, bananas, and buns to build a Ragnarok-related cosplay almost perfectly as Adam from the Japanese manga series Shuumatsu no Valkyrie (Record of Ragnarok Wiki).

Putting her creativity and skills to work, Lee wears a DIY costume covering her bare forehead with six pieces of brioche bun to look like a six pack body and banana peels on her head to look like blonde hair, and with his right hand holding the apple.

Total spent on items was RM25.00

His winning idea earned him RM500 in gifts.

Lee has been a cosplayer since 2014. She enjoys arts and crafts and like to learn new things.

Yuan Wong dresses up with her dog to cosplay as Nina Tucker and Alexander.

Concept artist Yuan Wong, 30, with epic Nina Tucker and her companion dog Alexander, took first place.

Yuan Wong, who shares the cosplay name Team Manboobs with another cosplayer, said this was her first time doing a low budget cosplay.

“We thought about using as few props as possible, and then we remembered in Fullmetal Alchemist, a guy literally merged his dog and his daughter, hence the idea. So we use me and my dog, only two ingredients needed. And throw away all my sanity for good measure, ”she said.

“Yeah, this is my first low cost cosplay and it’s pretty fun,” she said.

She received 300 RM in gifts as a prize.

Yuan Wong loves to cosplay to show off her work and creativity, and enjoys making #YuanYumYeh cocktails.

Ellen Yong with her cosplay finger mask as Kaonashi from the movie Spirited Away.

Ellen Yong was declared a third place winner with her finger face mask cosplay which is Kaonashi or Faceless, a character from the movie Spirited Away.

“I was inspired by famous low-cost cosplayer Anucha ‘Cha’ Saengchart from Thailand. He used to make a lot of epic and fun low cost cosplays using his limbs. So I used her cosplay photos as a reference.

“This was my first low budget cosplay contest and it was really interesting and fun.

“I used a liquid paper pen, a weight pen, a purple colored pencil to draw Kaonashi’s face on my finger, and a small piece of black cloth to make his costume. The total amount I had spent is less than RM 10.00, ”she said.

For his ingenuity, the assistant architect of an architectural firm received gifts worth 200 RM.

Yong loves cosplay and enjoys watching anime. In her spare time, she is usually seen drawing, crafts, blogging, cooking, singing, sewing, gardening and listening to music.

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