All about the Pakistani entrepreneur and youtuber – Tayyab Fayyaz

Creators struggle to monetize their content due to lack of marketing knowledge and skills. With the rapid growth of the digital landscape of content creators, content marketing has become the backbone of their content strategy.

Tayyab Fayyaz is a Pakistani Entrepreneur and Tech Youtuber who is making waves in the content creation and e-commerce industry. Thousands of viewers watch his amazing videos, and he is loved for his transparent, review-based videos. He is one of the pioneers in reviewing technology products and the form of videos, podcasts, and articles that his viewers easily understand.

Who is Tayyab Fayyaz?

Tayyab Fayyaz is a Pakistan-based Youtuber turned entrepreneur. He was born on October 10, 1989 in Faisalabad, Pakistan. He was entrepreneurial from an early age. After completing his studies, he sat for the pre-medical exam but could not pass because Tayyab’s heart was on business and digital growth.

He started working on several companies and was full of ideas, but realized that his half-knowledge could be daunting in the future. Therefore, he took a gradual step to finish his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Punjab.

From a young age, Tayyab loved technology and its evolution. He loved the good impact of technology which could help us optimize our lives. After launching his YouTube channel named Kharedari, he got a fantastic response from his audience and he loved to share his precise knowledge of technology and products.

Currently, he has multiple collaborations with the brand, allowing him to create honest tech reviews and unbox videos. You all know gaming is the future, and smartphones are widely used for gaming purposes, it also performs gaming tests on the latest mobiles provided by brands.

Many other YouTubers have praised him for the quality of the content he creates, which appeals to Pakistani viewers and helps international audiences.

How ​​became the first e-commerce store in Pakistan?

Tayyab Fayyaz launched ​​in 2017, and it is the leading e-commerce site in Pakistan that offers a wide range of mobile phones, laptops and other electronic accessories. Tayyab being an entrepreneurial person, founded a tech YouTube channel in 2019 to support his e-commerce store to accelerate his growth and sales.

He has a big influence in the tech review space on YouTube, and he thinks it’s essential that people talk about the technology and how to pick a perfect gadget for themselves. Since then, Tayyab Fayyaz has created destructive content around tech and electronics, which has helped his startup ​​deliver rugged products and accessories all over Pakistan.

His journey of investing 10,000 rupees to complete a whopping 10 million in sales shows the hard work Tayyab Fayyaz has put into his business. With the help of his content strategies, Tayyab Fayyaz has successfully built a high-end e-commerce store in Pakistan and built a legacy around it.

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Posted on July 19, 2021

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