5 UFC fighters who predicted Jake Paul will beat Tyron Woodley

Former long-term UFC welterweight pivot Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley is getting closer. At a glance, most would expect an esteemed mixed martial artist to wipe the floor with a Disney channel star and a vlogger. However, nothing with Paul or Woodley is this easy right now.

At the professional level, Jake Paul has never fought a professional boxer. The three opponents he faced all lost to him quite easily. Most recently, he knocked out Ben Askren in the first round. The days when Askren was seemingly unbeatable were suddenly even more distant than his five-second loss to UFC 239 had made it.

Tyron Woodley, meanwhile, has seen better days in his fighting career. The 39-year-old hasn’t won a fight since Kamaru Usman took the welterweight title from him at UFC 235.

Despite the crisis he finds himself in, Woodley has received the support and hype from the majority of the MMA community. There are, however, a select few who believe Woodley’s losses are about to escalate. Here are five UFC fighters, past and present, who think Jake Paul is about to go 4-0.

# 5. UFC lightweight fighter Jeremy Stephens

Jeremy Stephens recently returned to the UFC after a 14-month layoff. Unfortunately for the playoff lightweight artist, he couldn’t break his three-year slippage. “Lil Heathen” fell on Mateusz Gamrot by submission in the first round when his nemesis locked up a kimura.

Interestingly, the man with the second-most knockdowns in UFC history (18, tied with Anderson Silva) sees a similar streak of bad luck for Tyron Woodley. Asked by James Lynch about his prediction, Stephens, while praising Woodley’s wrestling ability, singled out Paul for the win:

“Jake Paul, Jake Paul bro- yeah, yeah, you know Woodley is a wrestler at heart. He’s got power and I feel like that’s kind of where he went wrong. and uh, he’s- he’s got this two-legged man in an MMA fighting brother, Woodley all day, but he’s a wrestler at heart.

Stephens clarified that Paul has a respectable level of talent and trains intensively. He also commented on Paul’s height advantage and the current hype surrounding him. In conclusion, Stephens said:

“You don’t want to lose to Disney’s little brother, but Disney’s little one is good, you know? And he’s – we haven’t seen him in deep water and we seen Tyron in deep water, you know? So I have to go 500 dollars Jake Paul.

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