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Payday loans for free online is a form of promotion addressed to new customers of loan companies who have not used the services of a given website so far. Taking a lunch without a cost makes it possible to inject cash, which will not generate any additional fees. The APY for such commitments is 0%, so we will have to give back exactly as much as we borrowed. Is there a catch here?

It’s hard to believe, but no. Online loans are free for both parties of the contract. If the borrower already knows the company’s offer, there is a chance that he will remain a long-term customer. For this reason, the first loan is now available for free in most online loan institutions. In the search for the best, it is worth to look at the online ranking of payday loans and choose an offer tailored to our needs.

Need Help? A payday loan direct lender via the Internet is a perfect offer for people who have been surprised by sudden expenses. By deciding to use a promotional loan for free, we will be exempt from payment fees, commissions, and interest. For many clients, this is a way to build your credit history without risking falling into debt. Another advantage of borrowing the Internet for free is to minimize formalities and exceptionally high granting.

Who can take out a loan for free?

A free loan in 15 minutes is available to all persons who have adequate creditworthiness, are citizens of the Republic of Poland and permanently live and work in the country. A mobile phone number and a personal bank account are also required. Currently, more and more companies meet the expectations of young people, expanding their offer with free loans for 18 years. Having a stable income is crucial, but lenders are quite open about its source.

A free loan without employer’s certificates is available to people with:

  • contracts for employment / order / work / contract,
  • retirement / disability benefits / pre-retirement allowance,
  • business / agricultural activity,
  • odd work during studies,
  • family allowance / nursing care / parental benefits,
  • income earned abroad but transferred to a Polish bank account.

The terms of the loan are different in each company, so you should read the information form carefully. In many cases, a free loan without BIK is possible. This means that even people who do not have an ideal credit history will have the chance to accept the application.

The repayment period and the amount of the first free loan

The repayment period and the amount of the first free loan

The payment of the first payment for PLN 0 varies depending on the chosen company. The most popular are standard loans for 30 days, less often a loan online for 60 days or 3 months completely free. Remember, however, that the condition to take advantage of the promotion is to meet the repayment date. Otherwise, interest will be charged for the delay, which will significantly increase the cost of the commitment. If we do not know whether the month to pay off the payment will be enough for us, we must inform the lender about their problems as soon as possible. Some companies give their clients a one-time chance to extend the repayment date by another 7, 14 or 30 days.

Most often, the loan period as well as the available amount increase with each subsequent commitment. So how much can you borrow the first time? Relatively little. The first free online loan does not usually exceed PLN 3,000. If we need much higher cash, installment loans will be a better solution. Their amount can reach tens of thousands of zlotys. In both cases, the inference process is very similar and does not take more than 15 minutes.

How to take the first minute without fees?

The first step in requesting free online loans is choosing the right offer. Helpful and monthly loan rankings are helpful here. We find in them the best products of the non-bank sector gathered in one place. Due to the diverse needs of consumers, more and more companies allow you to take a loan without telephone verification, income and debt, which further increases our chances of getting money.

After selecting the appropriate lender, we must select the loan parameters and complete the registration form. It requires providing basic personal data and information about your income. The next step is always to confirm the identity of the applicant by a verification transfer, a mobile application (eg Kontomatik) or a courier. If you are interested in a really fast loan, it’s better to choose the option of automatic verification, that is, a payday deposit without transferring a penny. After confirming the data, the lender almost immediately issues a decision. We will be informed by an SMS and email in less than 15 minutes about the acceptance or rejection of the application. Moments later, the money will be transferred to our account.

Free payday affects your ability

Free payday affects your ability

Many consumers wonder if a free payment will affect their BIK score. It should be remembered that all financial liabilities that are repaid in a timely manner build our creditworthiness. The higher it is, the easier it will be to get a high loan or installment loan. Some financial institutions provide data to the Credit Information Bureau only if the delays in repayment are longer than 60 days. Conscientious customers, therefore, have no reason to worry.

Do free loans have any disadvantages? Only that you can only take them once in your company. Some clients choose a different institution each time to use the promotional loan an unlimited number of times. Online loans, even the first one for free, can make us into financial problems. A consolidation loan is a solution for people with many active liabilities at the same time. It allows you to combine several loans into one larger one, which will facilitate repayment without delay.

Free loan in installments – Solley and Jame offer

A loan in 15 minutes for free is a solution available mainly in the payday sector. That is why the offer of SuperGrosz and Jame websites, which specialize in loans in installments, seems more interesting. In both companies a free first loan is available. How does it work exactly?

A loan for free at Solley allows new clients to apply for an installment loan from PLN 1,000 to PLN 3,000. If the customer is able to settle the debt before 30 days, the APY obligations will be 0%. No repayment in this period, however, does not result in charging interest for delay. After one month, the money can be returned in accordance with the repayment schedule chosen during the loan installment. A similar service can be found in the “Start Loan” offer for new Jame customers. The promotion applies to a self-service loan taken entirely online. If we pay it four installments, we will not be charged for commission and interest. The amount of such liability can range from 500 to 1500 PLN.