6 tricks to save money in winter

As we approach the end of the colorful (albeit short) autumn, the temperatures go down, the days get shorter and we see less of the sun. Luckily, we still have some time left before the winter comes fully.

Winter is, of course, that time of the year when gas and electricity bills skyrocket, since we use more artificial light and turn on the heating.

In spite of everything, it is possible to save money in winter. From Ferratum we give you 6 useful tips:


Close hatches!

Jokes, aside, the first thing to do to prepare for winter is to make sure that there is no unwanted current that sneaks into your house. Where to look? As you can imagine, the most common places are usually doors and windows, since they are the ones that look outwards.

Although it seems irrelevant, placing a weatherstrip on the bottom of your door can work miracles: it not only prevents the entry of cold air, but also dirt. The windows can be sealed simply with silicone, which will contribute a lot to the insulation of your house.

Home cooking seasonal products

The next tip is a three in one: save money when buying seasonal products, save money when cooking at home instead of eating out, save money by using the heat from the oven to heat your home.

Buy fruits and seasonal products is a great way to save money: oranges, tangerines, kiwis, escarole, carrots, pumpkin, artichokes … are some of the many options available, with which you can cook soups, stews and stews, perfect for the months cooler

And if you also cook baked dishes, or cakes and sweets, leave the oven open and let the heat flow to the rest of the house.

Wrap up well

Do you remember that, as a child, whenever you wanted to turn up the heat, your parents would say “If you are cold, put on a sweater”? Well, we’re about to tell you the same thing!

If you do not have enough with heating, we recommend that you move as far away from portable radiators as possible. These electric radiators are usually the main reason that electric bills are triggered.

If you are in bed or on the sofa watching TV, cover your feet or shoulders with a blanket. If you go in a shirt, better put on a sweater than raise the heating (we had already warned you that we were going to say it!). That you go barefoot at home? Put on some slippers or fat socks right now. Also, if the feet are hot, the bodies too.

6 tricks to save money in winter

Lower the blinds

Blinds and curtains can play an important role when it comes to saving energy. Play with them and you will see the game that you take them.

In the hours of light, open everything wide and let the longed rays come in and warm your house. When it starts to get dark, do the opposite, lower the blinds and pull the curtains and keep the heat better. If you think about it, they work as an extra layer of insulation.

Heat the room well

If in spite of the layers of clothing you have no choice but to use an electric heater, make sure you do it correctly.

Close doors and windows of the concrete room you want to heat, to prevent heat from going to other rooms. Also, keep in mind that they are much more effective in small than large spaces, so choose your goal well.

Use LED bulbs

In the shortest and sad days of winter it is logical that we spend more electricity. But that expense will not be so high if we use LED bulbs. Yes, it is possible that LED bulbs are more expensive than normal, but not only use 20% of the energy, but also last longer. Remember that, given the freedom to choose, it is a profitable investment in the long term.

Also, if you want to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, you can use candles. Obviously it does not make sense to use them continuously, apart from that you have to do it with care, but it’s not a bad idea if you want your house to look prettier from time to time.